Promoting safe and efficient use of guns and equipment suitable for self-defense
and providing opportunities to practice safely in a sporting atmosphere.




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Safety is the Golden Rule

            New shooters, experienced shooters, old timers, and juniors, everyone is always governed by the same rules when it comes to safety.  We all get together to shoot IDPA to test our skill, feed that competitive spirit, and have a bunch of fun with our friends. 

The one thing that spoils all that is when someone has a careless accident because they were not executing proper safety or when they have been observed breaking the established safety rules.  Those rules exist so that everybody will be able to go home to spend the rest of the day with their families and friends -- and will not be visiting the ER or worse.   

Safety rules are not flexible, they are the rules and must be followed PERIOD! Sweeping yourself, the gallery up range, or the SO will result in a DQ.  Repeated unsafe gun handling such as having your finger in the trigger guard (or worse on the trigger) while moving or reloading, will result in a DQ.  These rules are non-negotiable and are applied to keep everyone safe, happy, and able to come back for the next match.

Other actions that are unsafe, such as pointing the muzzle straight down or straight up while moving, will also likely result in a serious discussion with the SO.  No Charlie’s Angels or James Bonds are shooting with us, and even they would have no good reason to be moving from position to position with the muzzle pointing straight up! If you lose your footing with the gun in that position and a round goes off, where will that round go?  It won’t be in the berm, and that represents a huge problem.  We are not training people to be TV cops so we don’t need to be moving around corners pointing the gun straight down, either.  Again, if you lose your footing and a round goes off, where will it go?  There’s a good chance it will go into your foot or into the foot of the SO.

The important thing to remember is that the SO or match staff does not take lightly the act of DQ’ing someone.  No SO thinks it is fun or enjoyable to DQ a shooter.  As a shooter, it is important to remember that getting a DQ is not a comment about your ability or character, it is just a violation spotted at a given time, in a given place -- and it can and does happen to the best shooters just as easily as to the new shooters.  Take the time to understand why the violation happened and try and learn from it so it doesn’t happen again.

           Failing to practice safe gun handling at all times on the range can cause serious consequences to you and those around you.  We want everybody to have a great time and enjoy the sport of IDPA -- but the only way that will happen is if we all follow the rules of safety. 


Brian Stricker

The 1st Law
All Guns Are
Always Loaded!

The 2nd Law
 Never Point The Muzzle
At Something You Are
Not Willing To Destroy!

The 3rd Law
Keep Your Finger
Off The Trigger
Until Your Sights
Are On The Target!

The 4th Law
Identify Your Target,
And What Is Behind It!