Why Ankle Holster? Pros – Cons

Ankle holsters have come a long way with Hollywood movies making ankle holsters appear cool. They are a preferred choice for carrying a backup weapon for most people. However, ankle holsters can also carry the main weapon. It all comes down to the type of gun and holster preference.

Ankle holsters are best when drawing from seated positions as opposed to standing. This is the case, especially when curled and trying to keep the bad guy away. The same applies to a car hijacking incident when seated in the back seat. In a seated or kneeling position, an ankle holster offers much quick draw than even a belt holster. This is why ankle holsters are popular with police officers that carry backup weapons.

Why you need ankle holster?

In most cases, ankle holster is considered a great alternative to a waistband holster. Some work requirement makes it impossible to wear a waist holster. It can also be due to body shape. This leaves the ankle holster as the best alternative.

Actually, most people are not comfortable carrying full-size guns on their waist. This means getting a small and slim size gun that best fits the ankle holster. A Glock 43 gun makes a perfect choice for a concealed ankle holster carrying. The Glock 43 is a single-stacked magazine gun hence slim and compact for a concealed ankle carry. Actually, no handgun in the market can match the Glock 43 when it comes to perfect ankle concealment.

With a comfortable ankle holster, you can safely have the Glock 43 for hours without feeling fatigued or uncomfortable. The Glock 43 made ankle holster more popular.

The pros of an ankle holster

Unlike in the past, ankle holsters are nowadays pretty comfortable and easy to wear. There are new technologies that have made ankle holster more secure and adjustable. While ankle holsters were mostly made of leather, the trend is slowly changing. Leather tends to be heavier. They also get hotter during the hot summer months. Nowadays, there are lightweight composite materials that make ankle holsters comfortable and cooler.

Below, we look at the main pros of an ankle holster:

Superior comfort: This is by far one of the biggest reasons to use an ankle holster. An ankle holster, unlike other holsters, comfortably and securely holds your gun. There are no potential discomforts experienced like when using a waistband holster. This means you can walk and perform various chores without anyone suspecting you’re armed.

Excellent concealment: Ankle holsters offer excellent concealment especially when wearing long pants. It is very unlikely for the gun to be spotted unless the pants are tight or high up. However, you need the trousers’ legs to be wide and long. This gives 100% concealment without any gun prints showing.

Perfect for drivers: An ankle holster works perfectly drivers that spend most of their time seated. This is because the draw becomes easier when one is seated. The same applies when a deal goes sour when seated in a table. It becomes easier and quicker to draw from an ankle holster in a seated position. You can imagine a carjacking situation and how best an ankle holster will come in handy.

Cons of an ankle holster

There are just as many cons of ankle holsters as there are good. Below, we discuss the cons of using an ankle holster:

Poor and slow draw: One of the biggest cons of an ankle holster is effective drawing. You are going to bend all the way down to gain access to your gun. There is no faster drawing when using an ankle holster unless you’re in a seated or kneeling position. Even with daily practice, drawing from an ankle holster will always be slower than a waist or shoulder holster.

Not suitable for persons with difficult crouching: Persons with bad knees or hips will have difficult crouching. This makes an ankle holster a poor choice for gun concealing since they will not crouch to draw.

You cannot draw while running or walking: This is another big flaw of an ankle holster. In case of danger, sometimes one needs to be on the run and be able to draw their weapon at the same time. However, for an ankle holster, you have to stop to draw.

Best for small firearms: Ankle holsters will only fit the smallest firearms. If you carry a large gun, then consider a waist belt or shoulder rigs.

Attract dirt and dust: Ankle holsters will always attract dirt and dust. This means regular cleaning to ensure the holster and firearm function well. You will need to clean your gun and holster at least once every two weeks or a month depending on how frequent you use it.

Final verdict

In conclusion, an ankle holster serves you well in specific situations. It offers perfect concealment for the Glock 43 but quite challenging to draw. However, if you have a sedentary lifestyle where you sit a lot, an ankle holster is a perfect fit.

Author: Thomas Tate

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